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Hidden Concepts

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The buzzword these days is "hidden"- anything concealed; special; immaculate : something that only the local populace knows; that will set itself apart from the competition, and something that will surely win the hearts of the consumers, from the locals, to expatriates and tourists alike, to adventure seekers and cocktail coinoisseurs and explorers and discoverers.

Drinking Healing : Popularity is soaring!

Hidden has a sudden connotation, something mysterious, you know it's somewhere there, but where? you just need to get yourself to that location, and do the needful (yes, ask around, ask the elderly lady downstairs, tending to her wares, ask the security guard mending the motorcycles), the locals will definitely know... you are "new" to the area, enjoy that part of the experience, enjoy being new to it all, that's what "hidden" is all about..

The first floor, go up one more floor - where the music takes you

Just talk about "hidden bars", which has been the buzzword from the Year 2018 we uncovered a spectacular cool concept, on the - not first - yes second floor of a 150-year-old French colonial building about 100 meters away from the Saigon River, in District 1, in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. and once you open the door on the music floor, hey presto, wow! the ambience greets you..

Brilliantly termed Drinking and Healing, it's another buzzing evening with an exciting yuppie crowd (read : PMETs), young professionals and hip Saigonsiders..the occassional tourists and expatriates are also starting to discover this place, and one of the first to start a queue, yes, it's pretty packed, which attests to it's winning formula: authentic, super chillout, bespoke unique cocktails, humble food (hmm, fois gras burger), lovely music, DJs, Instagrammable "Nasty" neon signs made famous by Influencers and Celebrities, and patronized by the who's who in Saigon! Enough said..

Drinking and Healing is located on the 2nd floor, 25 Ho Tung Mau, D1, Opens Sun-Thu 6:30pm- 2am; Fri&Sat: 6:30pm-3am); We are thrilled with their popular concept, a runaway business model coupled with the right concept (hence the feature) and the return of restorative cocktails; the old building is beautiful and full of romantic character just by itself; interior is dark and the lighting is moody embraced with romance.


Bespoke Bourbon Cocktail

Check them out on :

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