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Rosett Asia is a boutique Tourism Advisory & Consulting Firm, with a focus on Asia Pacific, curating an assortment of consulting, management and representation services in diverse functions and segments for the tourism, hospitality, leisure, healthcare and real estate industries.


Our clients are largely tourism boards, tourist organizations, private developers, home offices, large corporations and medium enterprises seeking to innovate and rejuvenate their real estate, mixed-used developments and leisure models.


We combine trending and existing business know-how with market synthesis and knowledge to empower our clients with innovation, adaptation and profit-driven business models within our operating markets in both Asia Pacific and Europe.  As Tourism Artisans, we curate customised go-to-market ideas and strategies to drive and deliver real action business plans to conquer today’s challenging work environment based on our structured Corporate Ethos.

Business Meeting

Curating Deliverables

"Increasingly, businesses in the tourism and leisure hippodrome seek innovative and new leisure and mixed-used business models with strong ROI (Return on Investment) and improved Profit Orientation balance sheets".  They curate service-centric brands and customer-centric models that stay ahead of the curve, demonstrating resilience and adapting to match todays' discerning clients.

Rosett Asia relies on its years of experience in Asia in diversified tourism and leisure segments to propose strong sustainable business models that would succeed in today’s corporate world.


Rosett Asia curates to deliver, with precision, the entire project continuum from Start to End, Pre- to Post- Project. In doing so, it not only project-consults, it also provides Deliverables to achieve KPIs for the client, post-project, thus ensuring that clients return to generating revenue, have a sustainable business model and also generate returns for latter phases on-site destinations.

Commercial Brokerage

Rosett Asia understand our clients’ mentality and preferences, and can deliver bespoke and curated packages, whether project based, time-based, retainer-support, management-support and sales/marketing/business development activities to achieve economic, social and environmental goals, including Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Environment related-activities for our clients in Asia.

​​The Mission

Our mission to assist our clientele and partners to innovate and to optimise their revenue streams by curating timely cost-effective solutions for their projects.

Company Ethos

At Rosett Asia, we forge our Ethos by :

  • Delivering sustainable best practices for destinations & brands

  • Providing continual and long-term business relationships with our partners and clients

  • Adopting Ethical approaches enriched with Integrity and Passion

  • Offering Optimum Value-for-money Propositions

  • Continuing to Innovate and Strive for Par Excellence

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