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(2012 to 2021)

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- Seeking Hypermarket Investor for 25 hypermarkets in the UAE; 5th largest chain in the UAE, Selling price : USD$120M doing very well during Covid-19 Crisis - Interested parties, pls contact (Ongoing) 

- Seeking Airport Infrastructure Buyer for airports around the world - Minimum Ticket size at USD$100M ; Covid-19 Crisis effect immaterial - Interested parties, pls contact (Ongoing) 

- Developed a detailed Tourist Visitor Marketing Strategy and Plan to attract Vietnamese Outbound Visitors into Victoria in Australia for Visit Victoria, an NTO from Melboune (a 40-slide document)

- SPV Fund seeking to purchase Data Centres and E-Commerce Companies (strong resilience during Covid-19 Crisis - Min Ticket Size of USD$100M Revenue doing over 10% profit margins - Interested parties, pls contact (Ongoing) 

- Conducted a Feasibility Study for Koh Totang as a Eco-lodge concept in the D'Sach Archipelago in Cambodia (Completed - 1 month)

- Seeking Buyer for a 100 Hectare Fruit Plantation in Cambodia; complete with over 10 varieties of fruits; Interested parties, pls contact (Ongoing) 


- A Buyer sought for an International 5-star Hotel in Myanmar (Ongoing)

- Source for a 3-4 star hotel in District 1, HCM, Vietnam for conversion into a premium boutique hotel with a luxe hotel concept and brand (Completed : 3 months)

 - Consultation for one of the top entertainment NightSpot Club, Bar & Lounge in Asia to source for a relevant Vietnamese Partner to open a Branded Dance Club either in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, Vietnam through a Franchise/Joint Venture model (Completed) 

- Commercial Hospitality Brokerage for 2 Five-Star Hotels in Vietnam : The Pullman Saigon and Pullman Vung Tau : Representation of the Deal for Letter of Intent and Proof of Financial Funds and Alignment of Requirements between Buyer and Seller team (Deal Closed)


- Commercial Education Brokerage for a Top-Tier International School Player, to source for education land for the purpose of establishing a flagship International School, catering to age tiers of school-going children and teens between 3 to 18 years old, with extended sporting facilities and educational amenities, in both Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, in Vietnam (Ongoing)


- Source for a Joint Venture Partner and Investor and to propose and consult for the overall concept, operating model for a Tourism project in Quzhou, ZheJiang Province, China, which is based on Rural Tourism and Community Living (Completed : 6 months project)

- Commercial Brokerage for a Premium Designer Outlet, to source for land in a suitable location with land title and matched pricing, for the establishment for discounted luxury shopping outlets in both Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, in Vietnam and Jakarta in Indonesia (Ongoing)


- Commercial Hospitality Brokerage for a Five-Star Hotel in Rome City, Italy and 3 Lodging properties in Vienna, Austria : Representation of the Deal for Letter of Intent and Proof of Financial Funds and Alignment of Requirements between Buyer and Seller team (Ongoing)

- Consulted and Devised a Master Healthcare Plan and Strategy for Cyrus Global Management under their Medical Services and Life Sciences Division, with a bias towards the African Healthcare Sector and Population Health & Epidemiology, including Vendor Sourcing with Healthcare MNCs and related Healthcare IT Systems (6 Month Project)

- Site Review and Assessment of Clinical Operations related to Pacific Healthcare in Jakarta, Indonesia, to review the distressed asset, along with manpower and staff review, clinical operations, medical disciplines and propensity to continue its' operations with earning potential (1 Month Project)

- Project consultancy for the development and renovation, branding and management fees towards the establishment of a Health Screening Centre for the Singapore SHI Healthcare – Shandong LinYi International Medical Centre (IMC), an International Medical Centre in Lin Yi, ShanDong Province, China (2 months)


- Consultation project to build and acquire units to form a Vietnam Wellness Group; to acquire spas, nail salons, beauty salons, aesthetic clinics, cosmetic surgery, lasik and wellness entities for the purpose of creating a formidable wellness group (6 months)

- Consult for a wellness project in Tong Lu, ZheJiang Province, China for the establishment for the Onar overall concept, design, spa and wellness programs, nutrition, equipment, facilities, activities, talent, sales & marketing effort (3 months)

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