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Austria - Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel - a business opportunity and competitive advantage for Austria

We dived into the future of travel as Austria leverages sustainable tourism as a competitive edge, together with the Vienna Tourist Board, Group, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the Austrian National Tourist Office (ÖW) as they discuss Austria's golden opportunity in the evolving Southeast Asian market.

Will sustainability be a game-changer for tourism? How are the expectations of guests changing with regards to sustainable tourism and sustainable travel?

A critical discourse on the lucrative intersection of green initiatives and travel at the AUSTRIA CONNECT Southeast Asia was being shared ans showcased.

An esteemed panel of industry leaders comprising:

• Norbert Kettner, CEO of the Vienna Tourist Board

• Oliver Csendes, CDIO of the Austrian National Tourist Office (ÖW)

• Amanda Wang, Vice-President Global Destinations at Group

• Kevin Cheong, Project-based Consultant to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council; Immediate Past Chairman, Association of Singapore Attractions and Adjunct Lecturer, Singapore Management University

Guided by our moderator, Emanuel Lehner-Telic, Head of Asia-Pacific at the Austrian National Tourist Office.

The panelists delved into the myths surrounding travel's impact, discuss what travelers truly seek, and explore the pivotal role of technology in forging sustainable pathways for the industry.

From employer satisfaction and operational costs to enhancing the customer experience and securing finance, no stone will be left unturned.

The panel discussed issues ranging from economic sustainability, to action and practice, respect and people, the process and a better process @rosettasia @rosettemedia

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