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Catchy Pet Parks: Revenue Generator, Loss Leader or Complementary offering..

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This should prove interesting, revenue-wise, as we see Pet-centric offerings appear as part of the overall theming in new leisure complexes, and in this case a Premium Outlet Space, alluding to the pet trending in Asia, from pet waterparks like Wag and Wild Singapore, to pet-based coffee chains, pet hotels and grooming stores..

Hyundai Department Store Announces Pet Park Complex

A pet park complex that features daycare centers for pets as well as pet swimming pools is coming soon.

Retail giant Hyundai Department Store Group announced Tuesday that one of the largest ‘pet parks’ in South Korea will open at the new Hyundai Premium Outlet Space 1 that is scheduled to open on Nov. 6 in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province.

The park will be named after the pet park’s signature mascot, Heendy, and will cover an area of 1,322 square meters on top of the outlet store.

Playgrounds, feeding tables, photo zones, water fountains, and other facilities will become available as well as premium pet facilities including pet schools, swimming pools, spas, hotels and grooming shops.

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