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Tourism & Hospitality : Advisory & Consulting

Tourism is about capturing a person’s experience on a travel journey.
Smart Tourism is about nurturing that experience and creating value, space and time based on that person’s demographic.

~ Warren Kok, 31 Dec 2022 ~

About Us

Rosett Asia is a boutique Tourism and Hospitality Advisory & Consulting Firm, with a focus on Asia Pacific, curating an assortment of consulting, management and representation services in diverse functions and segments for the tourism, hospitality, leisure, healthcare and real estate industries.


Our clients are largely tourism boards, tourist organisations, private developers, hospitals, medical centres, private equity funds, home offices, large corporations and medium enterprises seeking to innovate and rejuvenate their real estate, mixed-used developments and leisure models.


We combine trending and existing business know-how with market synthesis and knowledge to empower our clients with innovation, adaptation and profit-driven business models within our operating markets in both Asia Pacific and Europe.


As Hospitality & Tourism Artisans, we curate customised go-to-market ideas and strategies to drive and deliver real action business plans to conquer today’s challenging work environment based on our structured Corporate Ethos.

We provide a suite of bespoke services, including

Healthcare Consultancy

Tourism/Hospitality Business Consulting,

Tourism Development,
Commercial Project Brokerage, Mergers & Acquisitions,

Investor Development,

Luxury & Travel Retail Development, Brand & Service Standards Audit, Life Coaching

Rosett Asia has collaborated with  various clients and projects from different cities in Asia, including Jakarta - Indonesia, Ho Chi Minh and Dong Nai - Vietnam, Shandong and Zhejiang - China, Myanmar, Maldives & Mexico.

We have also worked on live projects in Bangkok - Thailand, Brunei,  Singapore, Bintan - Indonesia, Australia, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou - China.

Projects include theme park and attractions, boutique hotels, aesthetic spas, wellness resorts, family life-coaching centres, restaurant and cafe concepts, hospitals and medical centres, large-scale member clubs, commercial and leisure land development, ferry routes and travel agencies.

Clients, partners and customers provide a true insight of their experience and collaboration with Rosett Asia.

Speak to us if you have any queries or specific needs for your development, business or enterprise

Traveler Origins

Comment : We often talk about the "Rise of the Chinese Traveller" and now you can see it's immense growth since 2007-2010 when the first iPhone was invented along with the creation of the Weibo and Wechat apps in China, and the phenomenal rise of the Chinese traveler will continue to expand, alongside the traditional Germans, Polish, Americans and the Brits;  the growth of the South Koreas is also amazing (now occupying 10th Spot - with 26 Million trips although they only have a population of 51.4 Million); strong growth is also registered from the Russian market and the upcoming Indian travelers at 12th Spot).

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